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Llanol and Calcaneal Fractures
10-01-2016, 12:56 PM
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Rainbow Llanol and Calcaneal Fractures
Llanol - Calcaneal Fractures
Fractures of the calcaneus (heel bone) is the most common tarsal bone fracture. Most calcaneal fractures occur as the result of a fall from a height more than 14 feet. Calcaneal fractures are common among roofers and rock and roll climbers. The second most common contributing cause to these types of traumatic fractures are vehicle accidents. Calcaneal fractures are most commonly found in males age 30-50 y/o.
  • Hermann OJ. conservative remedy for fractures of the operatingsystem calcis.
  • J Bone Combined Surg 1963:45-A:865-867 Wink

Quote:Calcaneal fractures have a track record of being difficult to handle and have frustrated doctors for decades. The situation for calcaneal fractures is in trying to rebuild the fracture in order that healing may take place. The particular calcaneus is much like an egg; an outer firm shell and soft on the inside. As a result, the calcaneus frequently shatters when broken. Calcaneal repair not only calls for re-apposition of multiple fracture patterns, but also calls for restoration of the subtalar joint. The subtalar joint is the interface between the calcaneus and also talus and is a major load bearing joint of the base. In some cases, further joint surfaces may be affected (the calcaneal cuboid joint) but are of lesser importance because of their limited weight bearing tasks. Wink

Type 1c - Fracture of the anterior process of the calcaneus Type 2A - Beak break of the posterior calcaneus Type 2b - Avulsion crack involving the insertion with the tendo-Achillles
  • MRI's are also helpful in differentiating calcaneal fractures from plantar fasciitis.
  • MRI's can identify small areas of bone edema suggestive of a fracture.
  • Biomechanics: The biomechanics of calcaneal stress fractures has not been defined.
  • Due to the fact that most calcaneal stress fractures occur due to a random traumatic incident, no defined pathway to the fractures has been set up.
  • Symptoms: The diagnosis of a calcaneal stress fracture is usually based on pain in which remains following an incident of trauma.
  • From time to time a calcaneal stress fracture will have a great insidious onset, but most with have got a severe onset.
  • Edema (swelling) and erythema redness) may or may not be present.
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Plain x-rays may be able to see a calcaneal break, but quite often, due to the lack of disruption of the bone, plain films lack the ability to 'see' the fracture. As fractures heal, many times the healing process can be seen on plain x-ray films. The recovery process will increase the amount of calcium surrounding the fracture. This process of calcification typically requires about 4-6 weeks to see on plain x-ray, therefore, periodic follow-up x-rays may aid in diagnosing a stress fracture of the heel.

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